TV Installation


Carbon Series Mounts

Mounted to Perfection

Strong® Carbon Series Mounts come in a range of styles to optimize viewing. Multiple viewing angle adjustments and post-install leveling ensure you always have the best view.

UL Certified for Total Peace of Mind

UL is a worldwide organization that ensures the safety of consumer products through rigorous testing. All Carbon Series Mounts are UL certified for strength and durability, so you never have to worry about the security of your mounted TV.

User-Friendly Features

Carbon Series Mounts easily adjust to create the perfect viewing angle, and the unlocking mechanism stores out of reach for added safety. Plus, cables and equipment remain out of sight with our rear storage options.

Flawless Installation

Carbon Series Mounts feature exceptional pre- and post-install adjusting, allowing for subtle modifications that perfectly align TVs with mantels and ceilings

Dual Arm Articulating Mounts

The Strong® Carbon Series Dual Arm Articulating Mounts offer 23” (L) and 28” (XL) of arm extension, and 180-degree swivel. They are UL tested at 4 times the weight capacity to ensure they can safely support TVs weighing up to 150lbs (L) and 200lbs (XL).

STRONG Carbon Articulating .png

Titling Mounts

The Strong Carbon Series Tilt Mounts feature 12 degrees of down tilt and 5 degrees of up tilt to accommodate the layout of any room. They offer an enlarged back plate to easily fit around 8” VersaBoxes. The durable locking mechanism features pull strings with magnetic cord covers that can be easily hidden. 3/4” of post-install adjustment is available on all sizes.


Sound Bar Mounts

Mounting Dreams MD5420

Mounting a soundbar has become a popular solution for families who like the idea of surround sound but have limited space. Mounting the soundbar on/under the TV helps to save up spaces. What’s more important, mounting a soundbar on the TV allows both the image & sound to face you, to offer the best watching experience. To really immerse yourself in the show at your home cinema, building a sound system (on a budget) to boost the whole experience is necessary. Get a soundbar mount is the first step. MD5420 is one of the best choices.

Heavy-duty soundbar mount: 

MD5420 is a universal soundbar bracket that holds up to 22lbs/10kg. It works perfectly with Samsung soundbar, Sony soundbar, Sonos beam, and more. 


Power Relocation & Cable Management

Midlite Power Jumper ICTM HDTV Power Relocation Kit

The Power Jumper ICTM HDTV Power Relocation Kit easily conceals power & A/V cables within the wall for a flat panel display

Midlite Power Jumper .png