LED Lighting By Environmental lights 

LED Light Bars

Light bars are perfect for use in large signs and graphic light boxes. They are available in various color temperatures, beam angles and brightness options. Our LED light bars provide high-quality performance, rugged construction and modular design to give you the most flexibility for your project.

We offer a wide range of LED solutions to meet the needs of every back-lit project. Wide Beam LED Light Bars have a built-in optical lens around each LED evenly distributes the output of the light at a wide beam angle of 160°. This easily illuminates shallow light boxes with consistent brightness and reduced hotspots. Narrow Beam LED Light Bars have a narrow beam angle that is perfect for side-lighting deeper light boxes. The high-brightness design allows for bright light boxes with vibrant colors. All of our light bars are UL Listed and can be easily linked together.


LED Lattice

LED lattice is an ideal solution for light boxes and other back-lighting applications. Each LED lattice is made up of multiple wide beam 160 degree LED light bars arranged in rows and all wired together. The light bars are connected to one another with flexible wire, allowing users to adjust spacing between them for their specific application.


LED Puck Lights

Recess mounted LED puck lights are an easy-to-use, dimmable and reliable solution for installations of any size. They are available in various color temperatures and housing finishes. Use LED puck lights to create recessed downlighting installations that scale to any size of lighting application.
The swivel LED pucks have an adjustable swivel lens that allows for 180° of adjustability, even after the puck has been recessed mounted. Non-swivel puck lights have a fixed beam angle for consistent lighting.
We also offer Plug-and-Play LED Puck Kits as an easy-to-use and affordable solution for LED under cabinet lighting. Easy plug-and-play technology combined with various surface or flush mount options, natural color, and high CRI—these under cabinet LED Puck Light Kits are a great value. Perfect for brightening up functional work areas, retail displays, kitchen counters, and any tight space where extra light is needed!


LED Fixtures

Lighting can provide the impact and excitement needed to make properties, sets, booths or store displays stand out from the competition. LED fixtures are an ideal way to illuminate both indoor or outdoor surfaces. Transform entire environments with a variety of LED color options, including single-color, RGB and 5-in-1 RGBTW.